Pneumatico PT-1900 Pallet Assembly Machine

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Pneumatico PT-1900 Pallet Assembly Machine

Whether you are a small to medium new pallet shop, pallet recycler, or heavily automated pallet manufacturer currently passing up smaller custom runs, a Pneumatico pallet assembly machine bridges the gap between a basic pallet nailing table and capital intensive automated pallet nailing machines while increasing worker productivity, safety, and job satisfaction. If you are researching pallet machines as a means to improve your quality, productivity, or safety, please Contact Us online or at (262)757-4041 for additional information or to schedule an hands on demo. 

The Pneumatico PT-1900 is  an adjustable, semiautomatic pallet nailing table for pallets of different sizes. It features an adjustable working top, pneumatic clamping of blocks or stringers, and pneumatic lift of the pallet towards the operator for quick ejection from the machine.

Its ergonomic construction allows fast, easy adjustment of the pallet dimensions. The PT-1900 supports pallet widths from 31.5″-74.8″ lengths up to a maximum of 51.2″. A typical operator can produce 210-230 pallets during a single 8 hour work shift.

Multiple nail guns with tool balancers can be suspended on an overhead roller track for operator convenience and ergonomics. The roller track allows the nail guns to move freely along the rail mounting system overhead. The design of the table guarantees production efficiency as well as operator’s comfort.


  • Weight: 970 lbs. 
  • Operating pressure: up to 8 bar/ 120 psi
  • Material: structural steel

Pallet Dimensions:

  • Width: 31.5″-74.8″ 
  • Length: 51.2″

Equipment Dimensions:

  • Worktop width: 88.6″
  • Table width including rail mounting system for balancers: 122.9″
  • Worktop height: 64.1″
  • Table height including rail mounting system for balancers: 101.6″

Can be quickly reconfigured for many pallet types including:

  • 4-way Entry - GMA pallets
  • 2-way Entry - Wing Type
  • 2-way Entry - Reversible
  • 4-way Entry - Perimeter Base
  • Euro Pallets
  • And any other custom pallet that fits within the maximum pallet dimensions!
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Depth: 64.00
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