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Remet RP300 Woodpecker Firewood Processor

Remet RP300 Woodpecker Firewood Processor

  • SKU: RM-RP300-xx
  • MPN: RP300
  • Weight: 2,500.00 LBS
  • Width: 69.00 (in)
  • Height: 87.00 (in)
  • Depth: 99.00 (in)
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Remet CNC RP300 Woodpecker Firewood Processor

The WOODPECKER RP-300 PTO driven firewood processor is designed for cutting and splitting tree trunks with a diameter of up to 7.9" (20cm). The processor features hydraulic feed rollers with adjustable feed allowing for length adjustment of 8-20" (20 to 50cm).

The processor is equipped with a safety switch which reverses feed roller rotation when activated. A 10' (3m) or 13" (4m) belt conveyor for discharging processed material is included with each machine. Once the material is inserted, the process proceeds automatically without the need for operator intervention. 


  • Welded construction
  • Automatic hydraulic feed rollers advance material into the processor
  • 2 sizes of hydraulic belt conveyor with galvanized steel cleats available
  • Safety switch - to be wired into PTO circuit
  • Class I/II three-point attachment to the tractor


  • 12" x 118" or 16" x 157" belt conveyor - Both include galvanized steel cleats.
  • PTO shaft with friction clutch (An alternative PTO shaft with shear bolt is also available separately.)


  • We recommend the use of a friction clutch PTO to protect both the processor and the tractor from shock loads.
Minimum/recommended power 55 / 80 HP
Cut Length 20-50cm / 8-19.7"
Max. branch cutting diameter (fresh soft wood) 200mm / 7.9"
Max. branch cutting diameter (fresh hardwood) 180mm / 7.1"
Max. branch cutting diameter (dry hardwood) 160mm / 6.3"
Recommended PTO shaft speed (rpms) 540 rpm
Minimum hydraulic flow 50l/ min - 13.2g/min
Making cutting knives Wear-resistant steel with increased hardness
Chipper mounting system Class I/II three-point suspension system
Width/ length of conveyor 40/400 cm - 16"w x 157" or 30/300 cm - 12" x 118"
Weight 950 kg / 2,094 lbs.