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Remet Flywheel Kits

Remet Flywheel Kits

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Remet Flywheel Kits

Remet flywheels are designed to utilize stored rotational energy to maintain speed of your branch logger when subjected to heavy intermittent loads. This feature both reduces the horsepower required to drive the equipment and the shock load applied to the power source, i.e. the tractor PTO, gas engine, or electric motor. Each Remet flywheel kit includes a flywheel, expansion sleeve, and cover assembly. Make sure to order the flywheel kit sized specifically for your model chipper. These flywheels can be added to a branch logger at any time. If ordered with a new branch logger, they will ship factory or dealer installed.


Flywheel Model Number

Fits Branch Logger Models

Diameter (inches)

Weight (lbs.)

Weight (kg.)

F360 R/RP-100, R/RP-120 14.2 84 38
F420 R/RP-150 16.5 110 50
F500 RP-200 19.7 154 70