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Portable Winch PCW3000-Li-FK

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Portable Winch PCW3000-Li-FK Forestry Kit


The PCW3000-FK Forestry Kit is a package made for the woodlot owner or occasional logger.  It includes the Lithium powered PCW3000-Li winch and a large skidding cone which prevents logs from getting stuck on roots, stumps and other obstacles as it is pulled through the woods. By itself, the PCW3000=Li Winch has a single line pull capacity of 2,200 pounds. Using the included pulley (PCA-1275) creates a block and tackle system, which doubles the pulling capacity to 4,400 lbs.

Note: Battery and charger are sold separately. See item PW-PCA-0200 (lithium ion battery pack) and PW-PCA-0230 (battery charger).

This kit includes:

  • (1) PCW3000-Li Lithium battery powered pulling Winch - 80/82V
  • (1) PCA-1205M Double Braid Polyester Rope .39 inch diameter x 164 feet
  • (1) PCA-0106 Transport Bag with compartments for Portable Winches - Pro Series
  • (1) PCA-1290 Large Skidding Cone fits logs up to 20" in diameter
  • (1) PCA-1295 6 1/2 foot choker chain with c-hook and steel rod
  • (1) PCA-1282 Grab hook with latch and 3 chain links
  • (1) PCA-1275 Stainless Steel Single Swing Side Snatch Block Pulley
  • (2) PCA-1276 Steel locking Carabiners
  • (1) PCA-1260 Polyester Sling 


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