Portable Winch

Portable Winch PCA-1255 Rope Bag - Size Small

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Portable Winch PCA-1255

This handy rope bag is constructed of a durable nylon perfect for storing and carrying your rope and small accessories.  Prevent a rope from getting tangled up by pushing it inside of the bag instead of wrapping it around your arm or a spool.


  • 328 feet of 3/8" diameter rope
  • 164 feet of 1/2" diameter rope

Work like a Pro:  Attach a carabiner to your belt loop, pass the rope through it, then push the rope to the bottom of the bag.

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Weight: 1.65 LBS
Width: 10.24
Height: 9.45
Depth: 6.69
SKU: PW-PCA-1255
Warranty: 1 Year