Wood-Mizer SilverTip 15-Pack Blades - 10 Degree

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Wood-Mizer SilverTip 10 Degree Sawmill Band Blade (Box of 15) - .042 x 1.25" 

SilverTip is an ideal sawmill and resaw blade for primary and secondary breakdown as well as for high volume sawing environments. 10° sawmill blades are considered an "all-purpose" blade. They are great if you are sawing a mix of hard and softwood logs.

Manufactured from "carbon" steel, SilverTip blades can be used on both portable and industrial sawmills and is also suitable for horizontal resaws. 

Ideal blade for primary and secondary breakdown

  • Higher carbon content than most competitors blades.
  • 0.875" (7/8") pitch
  • High durability steel suited for high-volume sawing environments.
  • Can be resharpened but typically are not due to their low cost.
  • Stocked in lengths of 132", 144", 158", 167" & 171.
  • Pack of 15 blades.

Sawmill Model

Blade Length

Wood-Mizer LT15,LT15START, LT15GO, LT28, LT35, LT40, LT50, HR120, HR130, HR300, HR500, HR700 158" 
Wood-Mizer LT10 144"
Woodland HM126, HM130 144"
Timbery M280, M285 144"
Timbery M100 132"
Timberking 1200 158" 
Norwood Lumbermate Pro MX, LumberPro HD36  167"
Norwood Lumbermate 2000/LM29/MarkI-IV, Lumberman MN26, LumberLite ML26, LL24 144"
Hud-Son Oscar 36/236/330 Pro, Farmboss 36, H-360, HFE-30, HFE-36 167"
Baker Wood Buddy  132" 
Baker Resaw A/AB/B/C 158"

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Height: 33.00
Depth: 3.00
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