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Remet RPS-120 Pro Series Gas Branch Logger


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Remet RPS-120 Pro Series 27hp Gas Branch Logger with off-road chassis.

The Remet CNC RPS-120 27 HP Gas Pro Series Branch Logger is equipped with a high-quality four-stroke two-cylinder Lifan engine. This model can be equipped with a foldable pivoting belt conveyor, to allow for discharging to the rear or side of the unit. The cutting unit is mounted to an off-road chassis and the infeed hopper is constructed for heavy-duty use. The chipper includes a safety switch and emergency shutdown guard which surrounding the feed hopper. The branch logger is designed for processing wood waste and branches with a diameter of up to 3.9" (10 cm) . This 8 knife model will product cut lengths from 2-4 inches and can be run with only 4 knives installed to effective double the cut length. The cutting mechanism is precision made on a CNC machining center, to ensure proper quality, accuracy and coaxiality (tolerance for how closely the shaft axis are aligned), which translates into a long service life of the components and the entire assembly.

The cutting mechanism is equipped with an expansion and clamping sleeve that is used to position the cutting knives and also serves as overload protection.

This model can be equipped with a a single or double bagger and a foldable pivoting belt conveyor, to allow for discharging to the rear or side of the unit.


  • Welded construction
  • Adjustable clearance between the blades
  • Induction hardened gears
  • Extended, profile-reinforced, foldable drop-in hopper with safety switch
  • Reinforced frame
  • Ball/pin hitch for auxiliary trailer
  • When ordered without a conveyor this model includes single bag holder for filling mesh bags.


  • 25cm x 2.3m hydraulic belt conveyor with galvanized steel cleats - 10"w x 91" long conveyor


Maximum width of material 180mm / 7"
Max. branch cutting diameter (fresh soft wood) 100mm / 3.94"
Max. branch cutting diameter (fresh hardwood) 90mm / 3.54"
Max. branch cutting diameter (dry hardwood) 80mm / 3.15
Spacing between shafts 115mm / 4.53
Cutting knives Wear-resistant steel with increased hardness
Batch hopper 62/38 cm - 24.4/15"
Dimensions of the chipper with the feed hopper folded: length / width / height 120/125/140 cm - 48/50/56"
Length of cut branches (6 knives) 8-15 cm / 3-5"
Length of cut branches (8 knives) 5-10 cm / 2-4"
Weight 290 kg / 640 lbs.
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