Protos Integral ARBORIST Helmet

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Protos Integral ARBORIST Helmet

The extreme demands of Forestry and Arborist work were what inspired the development of the Protos® Integral. This is why all parts of the Protos® from visor to hearing protection are integrated within the shell of the helmet. This prevents catching on obstacles, such as branches. The innovative inner shell offers superior comfort and additional safety around the neck area. The Protos® Integral Arborist is the perfect choice for the toughest applications and extreme weather conditions. All modular components can be moved from active to passive positions using only two fingers, which helps the user stay focused on their work. The modular design of the Protos® means that most parts are readily available and easy to replace. The ease of maintenance reduces waste and adds to the longevity of your investment.


  • Accessories integrate inside the helmet shell to avoid catching on any surrounding obstacles
  • Patented inner-shell secures firmly and comfortably to the head
  • ANSI Z89.1 approved
  • Includes chinstrap for work aloft
  • All accessories are replaceable
  • Ventilation gate for optional airflow
  • Largest field of view of any helmet available
  • adjustable pressure fitting of the hearing protectors
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Weight: 3.90 LBS
Width: 13.00
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