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Simonds Red Streak PreSharp Saw Blades - 10 PACK

PreSharp sets a new standard of performance by squaring the face to the cut to perform right out of the factory.

  • Used in both multi head re-saw applications and portable sawmills 
  • Full tooth form grinding results in a sharp cutting edge and consistent tooth height
  • Simonds’ Red Streak product line has sharp Ground Tooth edges
  • The PreSharp process squares the face of the tooth to the cut
  • More dust is channeled into the gullet rather than pushed out to the boards
  • The outer cutting point is stronger resulting in a longer blade life
  • Full form tooth grinding provides a very sharp cutting edge and consistent tooth height 
Current Stock:
Weight: 20.30 LBS
Width: 19.00
Height: 19.00
Depth: 19.00
SKU: SM-XXX-125-875-042-10

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