Golden Bell™ J1 Logging Chokers

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Golden Bell® Logging Cable Chokers

Undoubtedly the best logging chokers found anywhere!

These cable chokers are typically attached to the mainline of a cable skidder or tractor skidding winch by means of a keyhole slider assembly. They also work great with our line of capstan winches or a Loggergrab keyhole slider attached to the drawbar of a tractor using a clevis.

  • Crafted in New Hampton, NH.
  • Hand assembled.
  • A button ferrule is attached to one end.
  • A turnback eye with 3 links of ⅜” Grade 70 chain is attached to the other end.
  • A micro hook that slides on general purpose wire rope is also included.
  • Available in multiple diameters and lengths.
  • Volume price breaks updated in cart:
    • Save 10% on 5-9 chokers.
    • Save 12% on 10-14 chokers.
    • Save 15% on 15+ chokers.
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Weight: 6.00 LBS
Width: 16.00
Height: 16.00
Depth: 2.00
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