Portable Winch

Portable Winch PCA-1258 Polyester Sling 60mm x 3m

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Product Information

Portable Winch PCA-1258

Polyester Sling 2 1/2" x 10'

You'll get a lot of use out of this!

Use it to: 

  • Attach a Portable Winch to an anchor point (Referred to as a basket type configuration) (Working Load Limit of 8,800 lbs)
  • Attach a pulley to a tree (Choker configuration) (Working Load Limit of 3,525 lbs)
  • Pull a vehicle with another vehicle (Straight line configuration) (Working Load Limit of 4,400 lbs)


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Weight: 2.73 LBS
Width: 10.63
Height: 5.51
Depth: 5.51
SKU: PW-PCA-1258
Warranty: 3 Months