Mingo Marker #265-P

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Product Information

Everyone that hand cuts firewood should have one of these!

Simply position THE MINGO at the beginning of your log and roll the notched wheel down the length of the log. As you roll it, the tool clearly marks the log at the precise measured increments with an easy to see paint mark.

  • Includes (1) marker with 16" wheel.
  • Quick, easy, and fun to use.
  • Inverted marking paint not included.


  • Precisely measures and marks firewood.
  • ​​1 can of paint marks up to 75 cord of wood.
  • ​​Uses the very popular inverted surveyors paint.
  • Saves several cuts per load because of precise measuring.
  • ​Safer stacking and more wood per load with equal cut lengths.
  • ​Precisely cut firewood fits firebox for longer and cleaner burning.
  • ​Have you ever tried to mark a log with snow on it? NO PROBLEM!
  • ​With THE MINGO® and the time it saves it’s more of a family outing than a long day of marking and cutting fun.

Optional Accessories

  • 4 different measuring wheels available:
    • 14",  16", 18" and 6-12-24" increments.
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