Reecoil Full Reach Chainsaw Lanyard

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Reecoil Full Reach Chainsaw Lanyard

When extended the Full Reach lanyard stretches further than other tool lanyards but still recoils as short, if not shorter than others. It has also been designed to give you two ways of attaching to your chainsaw - with a girth hitch or the extra sewn loop and caribiner purchased separately.


  • Full reach with both arms
  • Chainsaw hangs higher on your climbing harness
  • Extended length > 1.5m
  • Recoils back to a compact size of 55cm.
  • Designed for use with top handle climbing chainsaws.
  • Non-­tearaway - Load rating 5.33kg (11.75lb)

If you are looking for a Reecoil lanyard for rear handle saws, check out the Reecoil Big Boss Lanyard RE-40478.

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