Portable Winch

Portable Winch PCA-1006

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Winch Accessories Kit

This accessories kit is the perfect combination for owners of a winch PCW3000, PCW3000-Li or PCW4000 who want to complete their arsenal for pulling logs.

This kit includes a 3/8'' x 164' rope, a bag to store it and a sturdy skidding cone, two carabiners, a choker chain, a grab hook, a polyester sling and a snatch block pulley that will either deflect a load or double the winching capacity.


  • PCA-1205M - Double braided polyester rope 3/8" x 164'
  • PCA-1255 - Rope bag - size small
  • PCA-1290 - Skidding Cone
  • PCA-1295 - Choker Chain
  • PCA-1282 - Locking Grab Hook
  • PCA-1275 - Single Swing Side Pulley
  • PCA-1260 - Polyester sling
  • PCA-1276 - 2 locking carabiners


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Weight: 35.94 LBS
Width: 26.77
Height: 24.41
Depth: 20.47
SKU: PW-PCA-1006
Warranty: 1 Year, 3 Months on Ropes and Slings