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Council Tool SU20-2SA16 Sport Utiility 2 lb double bit Saddle Axe with 16" straight handle

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2 lb. double bit Saddle Axe with 16" straight hickory handle.

  • This traditional Saddle axe pattern received its name from being traditionally carried in saddle bags while on horseback.
  • Multi-functional & packable.
  • Made in USA
  • Drop forged from 1060 steel.
  • American hickory wood handle
  • Part of the Council Tool Sport Utility line
  • Treated, tempered and crafted with hand sharpened blades.
  • Use the thinner left blade for cutting, shaving and carving
  • Use the more robust right blade for notching, splitting and heavier jobs.
  • Very well designed, versatile and useful axe.
Current Stock:
Weight: 5.00 LBS
Width: 15.50
Height: 5.50
Depth: 1.00
SKU: CT-SU20-2SA16

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